Discover Centro Valle Intelvi

Discover Centro Valle Intelvi, Lombardy, a natural paradise between Como and Lugano. (Lake Como and Lake Lugano).
Located in the province of Como, on the border with Swizerland, the Intelvi Valley is a beauty to discovered.
Entirely located in the green pre-Alps. It is a wide and 15km long valley, which follows the course of Lake Como with his charateristics in verted “Y”shape.


A valley with a “hitorical”tourist vocation, full of breathtaking mountains landscapes that you give you the opportunity to discover your own sporty or adventurous side or to devate yourself to absolute relaxation.
One can practice tracking at all levels, between Dizzasco and Cerano, is the Valle el Mulini with the legacy of the eighteenth century workshops. Or the old Via San Rocco between San Fedele and Laino, where the beautiful church is where it got its name from. The path of the mules, which were part of the Fortifications of Cadorna line and which subsequently became in short. For hikers, there are kilometers of trails to follow along the most idyllic places.


Cyclist (sporty or recreational) who often come from nearby places during the weekend, can cycle beautiful routes that can also be quite challenging. The Italian expression is for this;”Troveranno pano per i loro denti”or as Dutch say: Het vol voor de kiezen krijgen”.
In the valley there are kilometers of routes where you can enjoy cycling on the road, but also with mountain bikes (with or without electric assistance) there are fantastic trails for cycle. If you do not have the opportunity to bring your own bicycles, there are sufficient points where you can rent the most modern bicycles.

Playing Golf

For golfers there are 3 golfcourses in the area where you can walk the holes in the beautiful nature. Golf club Villa d’Este in Montorfano is one of the oldest in Europe and on every course you will encounter that challange you to get all your golf qualities out of the closet. In between you can enjoy a delicious lunch in the clubhouse or enjoy a drink or dinner at the end of the day.
There is also the golf club on lake ComoGolf Club Menaggio & Cadenabbia. Also very worthwhile to visit. At 4 km from our B&B you can play golf at Golf Club Lanzo. A beautifull 9 holes course with many surprises.


The roads around the Lake Como are really Walhalla for the car and motocyclists among us. The BBC’s well-known car program, Topgear, has devoted an entire broadcast to it for a reason. The roads wind along the shores of the lake and pass through several tunnels where the sound of the engine can be rumbled. Along the way you will see the most fantastic waterfalls and there are enough villages such as San fedele Intelvi, Cernobbio, Isola Comacina, Bellagio, Menaggio and Argegno with restaurants and bars overlooking the lake to taste the local specialities. You may also come across the world famous Georgege Clooney villa on your motorcycle. After all he lives in the famous village of Laglio. More celebrities are coming to the lake, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, Robert de Niro are welcome guests in Como.
If you want to explore the area with a guide, go to Lake Como Guided Tours. We have a partnership with them, so that you will be picked up from our B&B.
If you prefer walking, we can arrange a walking guide for you. We have available for you a folder with 18 different walking routes, differing in duration, environment, height difference and difficulty.
Costs for transport, food and drinks are not included, if desired, we can prepare a packed lunch for you.
We are here for you for more information.


For those who love culture, there are beautiful villages and a variety of culture places to visit: in Ponna, the doll museum: in Ponna and Casasco, the museum of rural life, a place of remembrance of tradional and crafts. A historic mountain village that has kept its old world charm intact, Pigra offers spectacular views of Lake Como and houses the Museo della Società Operaia. From Pigra you can take a cable car down to Lake Como and you can enjoy a terrace and snack in the lovely village of Argegno.

Valle Intelvi was also home to illustrious artists who left their mark during the Renaissance and the Baroque, as well as heroes of the past centuries. They were real artists in plaster, which you can still see a lot in the houses but also on some facades of the imposing houses and villas.


For gourmets, the traditional cuisine is delicious: sciatt (a kind of fried cheese balls), polenta (of all kinds), donkey stew (stufato di asino) but also yellow butter, ticino-style bass, missoltini and the most delicious cakes.
The most fantastic snacks are available for drinks. Almost all bars serve a delicious antipasti with the most delicious meat products, olives, pieces of sausage and always a delicious bowl of salty chips.

Spend the night

Our B&B is located in the middle of the valley in the village of San Fedele Intelvi with a view of the Monte Generoso. At Villa il Maiale Bianco B&B (Villa het Witte Varken B&B) you will be warmly welcomed and guided to the authentic rooms that give you the feeling of going back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The villa has been restored with as many old details as possible, but still equipped with fresh bathrooms with modern elements.

The location of the villa is also excellent for people who are in transit to the other regions of Italy. In Switzerland you go off the highway and then the next day a little further on in Como (Italy) you shoot up the highway again.

We are ready to let you experience this region. The rooms are ready, the beds are made and the drinks are cold.

Will you be our next guest?